Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Closing Down

Ive decided that i will no longer use this blog and it will be deactivated within a month or so..ive also decided that from now on all my post will go to tumblr .click here to go to my new blog

Friday, June 25, 2010

What a big LOL

sementara tunggu subuh ...aku dengan besar hatinya ingin menulis satu post..~
cuti lmer lagi~kate kn lah 3 bln setengah lg..wooo mati aku
aku nk pindah kot by end of july..insyallah..
pasnih x de paper planning..tapi
untk minggu nih n minggu depan kna ddk rmah...
>.<...nk tgk toy story 3..tapi xtau bila...nanti kot..
I play everyday since ad world cup atas kul 11 or 12...
lepas world cup aku rasa back to the original jadual kot
World cup
my team is germany...been a fan of them since korea/japan...before that it was brazil...since brazil da rmai fan xyah ah nk menyempit sgt..
mmg sentiasa on..end of this week bleh jadi wizard..kah3..
rasa utk bantu farming ja kot..
nk naik kn lvl smua cpt2...by end of bln 7 smua lvl 99 bleh kot
lg 2 minggu smua nk msuk U da balik...tinggal la bdak2 fet dkat YM FB dll.
for my juniors by next week ad occupied kot..depa smua orentasi..untk noob...
oih fahmi good luck ah kt UiTM...jgn p clubbing..haha..speaking of clubbing..
hari tuh aku jumpa member(name not to be shared) lma aku dia cita mcm2...
aku x tau ah ap ad dkat club benar hahaha...sbb x pnah pg...aku dah ckp da kt korang aku dak baek aku x pg tempat2 cam2....n pg tempat2 cam2 lead 2 bad stuff so knp pg sna?
tapi ntah la why do these things happend aku x tau...
akhirat nk dekat manusia akhir zaman..nk ubah x leh ...rmai sgt kot..~
haha..tpi x pe life mesti di teruskn
cuti nih dah habis kn :
How i Met Your Mother
utk di habis kn :
Glee( walaupon agak pondan cite nih tapi bleh tahan )
Working!! (anime nmpk cam promising ad adegan2 sengal)
Love Hina ( Nih mmg cite sengal )
Cite bru nk start:
futurama (season bru bru tgk 1 episode)

ok nih sket info : which is the best LCD,LED,Plasma biler nk pilih TV(nih dari experience nk beli TV smlm so did my own judgement)

The best
super thin
Mahal 32inch would cost around RM5000
most 3D tv gner LED
Use the least power

2nd best colour die superb lagi dari Plasma
2nd expensive 40 inch would cost around RM3500
2nd least power consumption
tahan lama lagi dari plasma because of the temperature

Cheap 42 inch would cost around RM2500
Glassy look
uses alot of power compared to LED or LCD

but some say that LCD and Plasma differs only abit...would you pay RM1000 more for an LCD instead of Plasma?tebal diorng dekat smer je xde beza sgt pon, life time pon dekat samer around 100k hours..

aku still x phm knp justin beiber tuh gay hahaha....pls do tell me..just because pompuan rmai ska kat dia ka??..tuh cam alasan jealous ja...

post kali nih xde gambar sgt...satu nih je nk share...
taken form lolsnap.com cam sengal je

for the next post nk letak gambar2 dari sem2 ...bnyk gak..tapi ill try to make it simple...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome back~

haha lmer x post dkat blog..its been 6-7 months dah...sry ah xde msa and xda mood since result sem lepas..it was so bad..i had to struggle abit utk sem nih...so many things to tell..wait for my next post

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010...

December cam2 benda menarik actually...nih a few picture from 2009...KL>Bukit.Merah>Pdg.Besar>Alor Setar>K.Nerang>Penang>KL

Padang Besar-trip to the north...unplanned...
The Girls
The boys
Geng:Pengembaraan Bermula
Penang bridge
McD msa nk Balik
Cendol KN
sem depan alittle more challenging kot..
subject written lagi bnyk dari sem lepas...
hopefully best larrh...suppose to be our last sem in Malaysia...
after raya hopefully smua kta akn fly UK...bnyk2 la berdoa ye...~
2010 azam ad tp xleh bgtau..kalo x dpt...segan je..hahaha....
subject smua nmpk menarik here are the subject tat i am taking this sem..

Subject Sem nih
Electric And Electronics Fundamental :Dr Jaya Bhanu Rao A/L Degala (x salah yg jaga kta pnya exam time static..)
Design Skill: Nik Masmiati Binti Nik Pa(xknal lg...)
Engineering Mathematics 2: Rabiah Adawiah Binti Mohd Sidik(very2 cute teacher)
Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab: SANGEETH SURESH(cam biasa x ajr pn coordinate je)
Manufacturing Technology: Muhammad Naguib bin Ahmad Nazri(single handedly THE best lecturer dkat IPROM yg aku tau..)
Fluid Mechanics: George Samuel Koshy A/L V K Samuel(nih fav lecturer rmai dak iprom)
Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics Siti Marhainis Binti Abu Mansor(x knal lagi)
Strength Of Materials: Wan Mansor Bin Wan Muhamad(our coordinator)

nih x finalize lagi rasanya...bkan prof.dean kta ckp die nk ajar dynamics ka??..hmm we'll see
nih another movie Which is the same friend who recommended Laskar Pelangi to me... which is Ayub..
an Islamic movie about love...touched(haha)...n cant wait to download the 2nd part ...Ketika Cinta Bertasbih(KCB)

This is an Indonesian movie..A five out of five from me..nice story line..the actor and actresses were superb..
if i am not mistaken almost all the actor and actresses are taken from a reality show..which they did before the movie...so they are basically brand new actor and actresses...while on the 2nd part i heard tat 1 actor which are quite famous in indonesia are doing one brand new character...ive search everywhere for it...but couldnt find it...if anyone have the 2nd part pls do tell me..i want to download it...^^
nih the first part pnya link...a single link
Happy 2010~
btw nice post afif cam sial...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


dah lma aku x write a post...
nih nak taip satu...
cuti nih boriinngg sgt...
everyone dah jd boring...
aku pn boooriing sgt...
tapi aku ad guitar ku...haha...nice~...
bnyk da lagu leh men wakakka...sdap je...
main dota cam pro da skrang...
(tapi kna blasah 1-3 dkat FTZ) pro la sgt...
sd-kalah(kantoi calture shock)
sd-kalah(kantoi 5th teammate)
ap-menang(sume pro especially my riki wakkaka)
ar-kalah(nih hero x btul biasa la AR game)
a review i think ktorang lack of experience men ngan pro...
diorng gna hero yg ktorang xleh byang bleh gna smpai cam2...OMG
cara diorng gna pn holy shit tul...
haha speaking of trying to be a better man...
ad time pagi tuh my dad bkak tv9 ad ustaz amin..
he reminded me of my fav ustaz din dkat balik pulau...
who is.. nice n supportive..at the end of the show
dia bg blog..well...as a curious young boy i .....open it..
it is interesting..
he actually answers question that had been ask through the internet...
well mayb i could gain sum knowledge n i wanted to share it wif u guys...
well if u hav any question u could ask him...
back 2 my life a few days back...
a frend of mine ayub recommended cerita nih...LASKAR PELANGI
a 5 out of 5 from me...holy shit touching...ad cam ckg2 nyer citer sket..
tapi still everyone yg tgk would felt touched...(well i think so)
haha gud luck 2u ayub hopefully u'll be a good teacher..
and one day a lecturer...
this is so far the best indonesian movie ive watched...
these are the download link if u want to download..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I wont force anyone...~

kna flu like 3 days already...getting worst...rite now i think it is at the peak of it..tmorrow IELTS test..3 email on the same stuff from dr.wan mansor...dunno why..there are 2 many of it...The good news is that the all the test will be held on the same date...(for some of us) which is on the 5th of dec...
at 8 am we have to be at the british council near KLCC(dun really know where it is) but it is somewhere..first up is the writing , listening test...and at 5.15pm will be my turn to sit for the speaking test...the time is not really apporiate ....since we end our test at 12.30...i got exactly 4 hours and 45 minutes untill the speaking test...might as well go and watch some movies at KLCC..zzz...
things to do after the IELTS
a.PCFair-wif zulkarnain ..hopefully salman fazmi faizal n fadil could come along..
b.the night watch tat rye told us-hope fully jadi...
c.penang trip- school reunion SKSG
d.comic fest at sunway on the 19th and 20th
e.Yet another BP gathering..organize by me(semperna azwan balik dari indon kononnya)...hopefully the crowd are rocking like the usual..
f.also not to forget an old yet good frend's birthday..happy birthday in advance

here are some point for you to think when doing something:
(ive seen alot of ppl who dont think before they act)
-do you need it?(the most basic question to ask)
-what comes before it?(what must you do before you do it)
-what good does it comes?(think about the pros)
-did someone force you to do it?(do not do it if you do not like it)
-are you being your self?(bring sense to what you are doing)
-if you did not do it does it bring harm to others?(dont be selfish)

PS:I Know What You Dont know :)

here are some of the photos tat i like ...on the 2nd trip to pavi to watch another movie..

Saturday, November 28, 2009


ad quote sem sempoi...very2 funny"harap mukanya je cun,tetapi mulut bau longkang...menyebabkan kamu rasa sgt ingin menamparnya tanpa segan-silu"...=.= hahahaha!!...been fun staying at home alot of travelling nih..~~
Gambar outside view of uniKL(blakang) dpan bleh tahan lawa....

last day test ari tuh mmg best!!...one of THE best night....pagi tuh test math...xpk da test...rase nk balik je...boring2...aku pn blah 30 minit lagi awl dari abis test...aku ingat rmai2 nk kluar...aku sorang je sial korang nih..da abis x nk blah..aku pn balik amek
project PDD n Engineering techniques aku....berpeluh gak rmpai ke uniKL 2-3 kali...silap btul..x bwak awl2...
ptg tuh ktorang men dota...wasnt tat fun pn...pagi tadi da ckp saper nk g jenjalan mlm 2...cam x de smbutan je ~...at last b4 maghrib je si james ckp jom kluar..ktorang pn planning nk g TS...
tapi alang2 da smua org x pnah g pavi...kter g pavi ~~ haha aku pn membawa kereta kecik ku dngan cermat... perrghh...smpai je trus g makan...makan saje tunggu nyer pasal da sejam...the service was really2 bad...rase nk bakar je kedai tuh ...da la lapar cam giler leh lak...service mangkok...nih msa dkat TS...before tgk wayang...havent really decide nk tgk aper...either twilight or ninja assasin...bratur2 then we've decided nk tgk ninja assasin since hem ckp best...tgk pnye tgk...perghh sdap sial ill give ninja assassin
storyline: 5
CGI: 3
Actor/Actress: 5
impact: 5
kire 4.5 larr average..awesome movie...
FlyFM ckp tat thing yg happend inside the movie...some of it is true...like the clan thingy...

ticket parking x mhl cam expected RM6 cheaper then TS...ktorang pn balik kepenatan tapi penuh dengan kegembiraan..(cam karangan darjah 6)